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Saturday, April 01 2017
How Yoga / Dance Studios can Save PST on Mat / Towel Rentals


Towel & Mat Rentals = GST & PST taxable

Classes = GST taxable only 

What does this mean for your business? 

If you want to place 7% back in to your students pockets in form of savings and keep your pricing affordable, you can package your classes and rentals into one package, rather than selling these two components seperately. 


For Example

Scenerio 1) Seperate Components 

Monthly Unlimited Classes = $100 per month + $5 GST = $105

Monthly Mat & Towel Rentals = $40 per month + $2 GST + $2.8 PST = $44.80

Total Student Pays = $149.80


Scenerio 2) Combined Package

Monthly Unlimited Classes with Towel & Mat Rentals = $140 per month + $7 GST = $147

Total Student Pays = $147


Its a small savings, however might make that little bit of a difference to your students and your business.


Josephreen Luk, CPA, CGA
Bloom Accounting 

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